activinsightsSince 2008, Activinsights has been working with established world leaders in research and academia, leading the way in wrist-worn actigraphy.  The result is GENEActiv – our popular range of raw data, tri-axial accelerometers, designed and built to measure human movement and behaviours in free living studies and clinical trials.  Activinsights Ltd is a UK company based in Kimbolton, near Cambridge.

Our Ethos

We don’t like lots of waffle about this sort of thing, but here are just a few words that we think sum us up quite nicely:

  • Open (also reflected in the open source nature of our devices)
  • Honest
  • Customer-centric
  • Technology-based
  • Approachable
  • Professional
  • Scientific

made-in-britainWith our GENEActiv range of accelerometers, we work with leading academics to assess, monitor and affect people’s behaviour via a positive experience to improve their health.  All device manufacturing and distribution is managed from the UK, supplying globally to the professional market.

Comprehensive body mapping – data collection for every body

The GENEActiv range of products provides detailed information on daily behaviours, including sleep, and allows classification of different types of sedentary behaviours. Whilst most users choose to deploy the unit on the wrist, it can be located at different locations on the body. A significant advantage of our devices is that our customers report high subject compliance as a result of the GENEActiv being fully waterproof and worn on the wrist.  Find out more about what makes the GENEActiv range special.

Current Research

We are proud that GENEActiv is the device of choice for studies at many of the world’s leading universities, hospitals and professional sports bodies – see some example applications here.  Currently the GENEActiv is deployed in a wide variety of global research initiatives, including studies on daily activity and behaviours, sleep, tremor, sedentary behaviours, fracture rehabilitation, physical activity classification and across a range of professional sports all over the world.

The Future

Activinsights Ltd continue to lead the way in open source, raw data by actively investing in new data analysis methods, particularly in statistics packages such as R. Along with continued product development and industry collaboration we work towards being the leading company in the science of behavioural change with the aim of benefiting people’s overall health.