GENEActivOur lightweight, waterproof, wrist-worn accelerometers are scientifically validated and suitable for numerous free-living & clinical trial applications.  All GENEActiv actigraphy devices output raw data, whilst the leading technical design ensures reliability and complete peace of mind that you will get the data you need.

  • Designed for 24-hour wear in both free-living and clinical studies
  • Raw data output includes acceleration in 3 axes, physical activity intensity and sleep/wake measurements.  A sample of the data GENEActiv outputs can be downloaded here example_run_data.
  • Open source analytics and open SDKs
  • Ambient light & temperature sensor provides valuable information about the subject’s environment
  • Ergonomic, aesthetically neutral design achieves maximum subject acceptance and wear compliance, particularly when worn on the wrist
  • Accurate, configurable clock allows data to be matched to reported activity or other measures
GENEActiv Starter Pack



We provide a range of accessories to complement the GENEActiv range.  These include various straps, charger cradles and calibration cubes.