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Issue Device

Issue your GENEActiv for wear.  The length of time GENEActiv can collect data for varies depending on the selected frequency and the device variant chosen (compare specs here).

Remember, we have a variety of straps to suit a wide range of applications.  Our units are fully waterproof (apart from GENEActiv Sleep, which is splashproof); the unobtrusive design gains maximum subject acceptance.

More instructions on setting up the GENEActiv device ready for it’s first use can be found on our ‘Getting Started‘ page.

Uploading data

Upload Data

Once your GENEActiv devices have been returned by the study subjects, you will then plug them into the charger (which itself connects to a PC via USB).  Each charger can hold up to four devices.

Data is extracted as a raw data .bin file; the open source (& therefore free!) GENEActiv software offers capabilities to convert this into .csv compressed epoch files, which are readable in Excel (see next step).

Data visualisation - sleep chart

Analyse Results

The raw data .bin files and .csv epoch files provide endless further analysis opportunities using analysis packages you are familiar with such as R and Matlab.  For more details on how to do this, please see our ‘Getting Started‘ page.

We also have some sample Excel macros available from our open access site which use the .csv epoch files to generate data visualisations.


Recharge & re-issue

Once you have downloaded your data, the GENEActiv device should be recharged, cleaned and either re-issued or stored for next use.  Details on maintaining your GENEActiv devices can be found on our FAQ page here.

And remember – because you’ve downloaded raw data, you can revisit data sets from cohorts years later to investigate other intricacies of daily life.