Norwegian Orienteering TeamGENEActiv is the researcher’s choice of accelerometer for objective physical activity, sleep and behaviour monitoring.


  • GENEActiv has been proven in both small scale studies and large international cohorts of over 10,000 subjects.  Our research portfolio contains scientifically validated publications generated since 2011 with peer reviewed abstracts and research papers on a wide range of subject populations and applications using the GENEActiv range of objective monitoring devices.
  • GENEActiv is trusted by academics and researchers across the world – from leading universities to top tier football teams.

Leading Product Design

Since 2008, Activinsights (the company behind GENEActiv) have been working together with world-established leaders in research and academia to design the best raw data accelerometer devices on the market.  Here’s what makes GENEActiv special:

Raw DataGENEActiv Sedentary Sphere

Continuous raw data output is the ultimate resource in the measurement of human behaviour. The significant advantage of collecting raw data using GENEActiv is the richness of data gathered.  Whether researching populations or planning an intervention, raw data provides the best opportunity to discover the intracies of people’s daily lives.

GENEActiv is unique in that it allows the researcher to see what the data actually looks like, as it is not filtered and modified in any way. Unfiltered data in SI units with reliable timestamps provides an ideal format to integrate with other measures. Frequency-based data collection simultaneously allows the assessment of body activity, environmental motion and posture.

Raw what?!

Not sure what to do with raw data?  We’ve listed a number of options below, but do ask us for more information if you are still unsure:

  • Summary metrics in csv format for further analysis in any statistics package
  • MET minutes summary table
  • Full support for open source R analysis
  • Range of visualisation approaches possible in R, Matlab etc.

Open source, raw data removes the limitations of counts-based data through the ability to re-visit data sets from cohorts years later to investigate other intricacies of daily life – e.g. Physical activity to sleep because worn 24 hours a day.

GENEActiv has the ability to collect maximal raw data, whilst advancing open source analysis tools to facilitate first-class data evaluation and output.

Open Source

GENEActiv SoftwareAll our software is open source and therefore free of charge.

This allows researchers to share algorithms and develop specific target population results to gain the answer to their own research question.

We continue to encourage open source analysis techniques by actively investing in R through developing new raw data analysis concepts such as the Sedentary Sphere.

In this way, GENEActiv remains an affordable and sustainable objective monitoring solution.

Ergonomic Design

GENEActiv - verticalThe lightweight and unobtrusive wrist-worn design of GENEActiv achieves maximum subject compliance within trials where participants wear GENEActiv for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete waterproofing and robustness of the actigraphy-based data collection device allows deployment in many research scenarios. The neutrally aesthetic accelerometer can also be worn on other body locations including the hip, upper arm, ankle and thigh with accessorised straps, making it the ideal free living body worn instrument.

The long lasting, rechargeable battery and precision real-time clock together with the raw data, open source analytics of GENEActiv proves valuable within the research field.  Read more about the GENEActiv product.

Active Support

We are proud to offer continuous product and study support to all our customers.

Leading the way

We continue to invest in open source analysis techniques and develop innovative products for the future.  Why not find out more about us, or come and meet us at one of the events we will be attending?